Barb’s Blog: Q&A

 Q: What prompted you to use stencils in your work?

A: I like stencils. My childhood home was furnished with antiques that my grandmother had stenciled as part of her furniture restoration and resale business. I used to stare at the intricately stenciled rocker in our kitchen, daydreaming instead of doing my homework.

Q: How do your Tapestry paintings deepen our perception of femininity?

A: The paintings ask the question: “Can domestic decorative stenciling (historically viewed as a woman’s craft or pastime) be considered fine art?” My answer is “Yes.” If a painting moves you it’s art.

Q: How does your painting process or use of materials overlap art and femininity?

A: My creative process is not lady-like or academic. It’s modeled after my experience of giving birth. Birth is gloriously messy, so is my approach to painting. I instinctively begin each painting by smearing fistfuls of paint onto the canvas. I then struggle with my whole being to create by scraping and scratching the surface while uncovering the emerging image…I never know when the painting will complete itself until it’s staring back at me.